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I've always really liked band posters. Not so much the "official" types with photos of the band, but the types used for individual shows. They rarely have anything to do with the show/band/etc, but the designs are always awesome. I like creating posters anyway, but band gig poster is definitely on my list of career goals (along with book illustrator, etc.). So imagine my joy when I came across this site filled with various band gig posters. There's some really cool stuff there... a small selection...

Slight Name Change

Been trying to think of something slightly original to rename this blog. Someone said something to me like "you're just looking for shangrila" a few years ago in response to my dreaminess... thus this name. :)

shangrila- (noun)

1. An imaginary remote paradise on earth; utopia.
2. A distant and secluded hideaway, usually of great beauty and peacefulness.

♫ Paramore // April 28 2010 // Charlottesville, VA ♫

Saw Paramore live last week at JPJ arena. And it was amazing. We had floor tickets, so we got to be (almost) up close and personal, standing in the crowd. Which, to be honest, is my favorite way to experience concerts- there's so much great energy and it's just a lot of fun to dance and sing with a bunch of people who enjoy the same music you do. ♥

Aside from totally exceeding my expectations as a live band, they seem like genuinely sweet people who really enjoy making music and the fans- and I love to see that. 

Here's a few pics a friend of mine took at the show: