And so it begins...

Tulips Sunrise
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That whole thing about "Breakthrough"? I think it's hit me a bit. In my outlook, which really is the place to start isn't it? Just have to make sure I don't fall into the old habit. Mantra mantra mantra.

Always darkest before the dawn, hmm?

The Year of Breakthrough

Usually, I have a fairly good impression of how the coming year will play out. I felt 2010 was going to be amazing-- it was. I entered 2011 in a haze of confusion... and it was the hardest year I've had in a while. 2012... well, I can't say what 2012 will bring. I honestly have no inclination of good or bad. Just a feeling that this year, things I've been waiting to set in motion will start moving. I've been pulling the sludge of 2011 out of my soul, trying to clean myself out, trying to forget the past in anticipation of the new year.

Yes, this will be a year of Breakthrough. Even if I'm the one wielding the sledgehammer myself.