Art Supplies & Camera Lust

My first tiny paycheck from my second job came in last Friday. What's the first thing I buy for myself? New art supplies! ♥ I needed a new sketchbook and some colored ink pens. Art supplies count as necessities when you're an artist, right? ;)

And as for Camera lust... I think I've found the solution to my photography woes. I'm not gonna get a high quality compact cam for under approx. $400... for that money I might as well buy a DSLR, though entry level versions run upwards from $450... not to mention buying lenses, etc.

All I really want is a camera that let's me manually change settings (ike a DSLR) with high quality, professional quality output. What I found? Hybrid Cameras. Specifically? Panasonic Lumix FZ35. It's amazing and a decent price (depending on what site you check out.) I could probably save up for one within a few paychecks now that I've got this second job and this silly Nikon can be used when I just want to take random snapshots.

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