Creative Process: "Creativity/Collective Subconcious"

Here's a question for you guys: What's your favorite medium (either to use or to look at if you're not an artist)? And What's your opinion on Digital Painting?

I'll be perfectly honest and admit that digital painting is not my favorite medium. It's a very practical medium, though, when you really can't afford a new set of paints and/or you just ruined a piece that was supposed to be done in watercolor. This picture was created due to the latter fact. I had the whole thing planned out and had put down the colored pencil work... all that was left was to watercolor the background. Yea, that didn't work. :P

I will say I had a lot of fun painting this background though- it's my favorite part of the whole piece. I used a picture of a nebula from NASA for reference, but it's not an exact copy. There's still a couple things I'm not happy with, but I'll focus on fixing those after I finish some other projects- it's good enough for now.

Thoughts? Comments?

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