Links of the Week: April 10 - 16

I've been finding interesting links all week and posting them mostly via twitter. Just collecting them all here for your viewing pleasure! Includes art/design links and just general interest things as well:

5 Reasons You Need a New Website- website feeling stale? Just not getting the same hits as you used to? Compare your site to this list!

Print Handbook Booklet- The ins, outs and in-betweens of the printing process. Things every designer should know. Too bad it's a limited run, I could really use one of these for reference!

Feel Like a Wallflower? Maybe it's your Facebook wall- The psychological ills of social networking.

Adapting Your Website for the Asian Market- An interesting cultural study between Eastern and Western reactions to marketing... specifically websites. Also check out this Cultural Color Chart

Her Five Year Diary- A fascinating blog chronicling the daily life of a young woman from 1961.

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