The Art of CDs #2: Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

A Short Introduction:

Well, it's not the album I mentioned wanting to talk about last time, but this will do for now. I discovered this one while organizing and, while I'm not sure I'd call the design amazing... I still think the idea is fun and a bit retro styled.

The Art of CDs 2:

Artist: Saves the Day

Album: Through Being Cool

Released: 1999

Acquired: late 2002? maybe early 2003?

Reason for buying: A friend of mine highly recommended them and emailed me a few songs to listen to.

Top 5 Tracks (in no particular order): Third Engine (#6), Vast Spoils of America (#8), Banned from the Back Porch (#12), Last Lie I Told (#9), Rocks Tonic Juice Magic (#4)

Like I said, I'm not sure I'd call it a favorite, but the gimmick itself is fun and I still like the idea and retro feel of it. The way the text is laid out with the colored boxes makes me think of something from the 50s. I do love the way the photography tells a whole story, though. (Sorry I couldn't get shots of each page!)


^The Cover.

^Back Cover and Track Listing.

^The full package. CD art relates to the "story" inside the booklet.

^Inside the booklet. First and last spread.

Overall Opinion: I adored this cd when I bought it. These days? Well, I still like a lot of the songs for nostalgic value, but for the most part... well... let's just say that after a while Chris Conley's voice starts to get on one's nerves. I do wonder if Saves the Day even exists anymore, though... Hmm...

What's Next in Part 3? It'll be coming soon now that I organized my cd collection...

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