Cute Package Design! Harajuku Lovers Perfume

Received this as a belated Christmas (New Years?) gift today. A little solid perfume from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line. Now, I'm not much of a perfume person (certain perfumes have a tendency to trigger sneezing and/or headaches), but I actually really love the scent on this ("Baby") since it's very light. But the scent isn't what got me... it was the packaging. I'm such a sucker for cute or interesting packaging, it's not even funny.

Just the box. Black, pale pink, and white palette with nice "lacy" detailing on the side panels (no pic, sorry). Girly.

Back of the box + the pot of fragrance. The definition on the back is nicely tongue-in-cheek... I just love the design of the perfume though. I'd seen the full bottles that look like little dolls, but I've never seen these little pots before. ♥

And just a shot of how it works. It's on a little swivel hinge. Not quite sure what it's supposed to smell like- the ingredients list is definitely not natural sounding *laughs*- but it's a pretty powdery scent.

Hope Everyone is having a wonderful New Year! Happy 2010!

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