Daily Sketch #3 - Valkyrie (preliminary work)

Preliminary sketchwork for a 5x7 watercolor piece. I haven't quite decided on her clothing yet and her "crown" needs some work. (Please ignore the strange hand- once the shading is in it will look correct, I promise.) I'm pretty excited to be working on this, actually, because I've got a fair idea of how exactly I'm going to work this one. :)

4 thoughts on “Daily Sketch #3 - Valkyrie (preliminary work)”

  1. That's a great sketch; really caught my eye and the face is gorgeous :) Would love to see this when finished.

    Are you likely to post work-in-progress pics along the way? I love trying to figure out techniques by looking at those :D

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Grant!

    Thanks so much for the thoughts. I'm actually really glad you like the face- she had a very particular expression in my mind so hopefully I'll get that down in the finished piece.

    As for WIP pictures, yep- I'm planning to take a few from each stage in the process and then make a post here with them.

    Thanks very much for the support! It's appreciated! :)

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